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Job Guarantee

We believe that training at the school where you plan to work lowers the post-course stress of trying to find a job in a foreign country. We offer a job with one of the biggest language schools in the Czech Republic and you can start teaching English soon after the TEFL course. You don’t have to worry about visa; we will help you arrange all the important official documents.

Job Guarantee

The job guarantee is based on our grading system. TEFL in Prague by Edua Languages awards the following passing grades: PASS 1 (excellent pass), PASS 2 (good pass), and PASS 3 (basic pass).

  • Those who receive a PASS 1 and are legally employable in the Czech Republic (are EU citizens or have obtained the work visa) will receive a full-time job guarantee with EDUA Group.
  • Those who receive a PASS 2 will be considered for a full-time position depending on current hiring needs, and will be offered employment upon a successful interview with the academic staff.
  • Those who receive a PASS 3 might be considered for a full-time position depending on current hiring needs.

Apply for one of our upcoming TEFL courses and start your teaching career today!

Job Guarantee Brochure:

To find out more about working for us and working in Prague in general, download the TEFL in Prague job guarantee brochure.


  • Approximately 20 % of students receive a PASS 1.
  • About 90% of students, who voice their interest in working with us, are invited for an interview.
  • 100% of native speakers who successfully completed our TEFL course managed to find a teaching job in Prague.
  • Jobs are offered year-round (no matter the season), most of our graduates start teaching within 2 to 3 weeks of completing their course.

Job Guidance

In addition to the job guarantee, we provide job guidance to all our TEFL trainees:

  • Job Guidance Workshop held by our Academic Director, who shares lots of information about finding a job in Prague and preparing for a job interview.
  • Job board – job opportunities and current job openings can be found on our TEFL job board.
  • Contacts and information – we will provide you with important contacts and tips on where to look for jobs. You can also turn to us at any time should you need advice or additional information.
  • Lesson plan / demo lesson consultations -  consult the lesson plan you have prepared for your interview with our TEFL trainers.

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TEFL Programme Coordinator

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