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Prague Transportation

In comparison to other global capitals, Prague is not large; compared to London or New York its area is about a quarter of the area of these cities and its population makes it only a seventh of the population of these large cities. Thanks to a dense public transport network you can travel around Prague easily, quickly and cheaply. Which is good news because as a teacher you can expect to be on the public transport system several times a day. Prague public transport consists of a system of trams, buses and the underground. A month pass costs 550 CZK (about 27 dollars) and it applies to all lines.

Naturally you can also buy one-way tickets, which cost CZK 32 (about 1.5 US dollars). You can buy a ticket from ticket dispensers located at stops, in the underground or at the newsagent and when boarding a means of transport you should have the ticket marked in the yellow validator. A monthly pass need not be marked, you just show it to the ticket inspector.

Besides the public transport system, you can use a taxi agency when travelling along Prague; there are several of them. In the years just after the revolution Prague taxi drivers won ill repute, especially because of their efforts to cheat foreigners and ask for ludicrously high prices. Even though now the situation is much better, we still recommend that you order a taxi over the phone and ask for a voucher stating the price at the end of your ride. When ordering over the phone you may moreover use discount campaigns and thus push the price down up to CZK 15 / km (about 1 dollar a mile).

Nonetheless when the weather is fine it is best to walk in the centre of Prague. That is the best way to enjoy the atmosphere created by street artists, tourists, students, pensioners walking their dogs and mothers pushing their prams; Prague is full of them.

How to get to the centre from the airport?

Most likely you will arrive at Prague airport, which was recently renamed after the first Czech president and is called now –“Vaclav Havel Airport Prague”. It is about 20 km (12 miles) away from the centre of the city and you can either use a cab or a direct bus (line AE or line 119). Within the full-package course we will pick you up at the airport for free and take you by car directly to the place of your accommodation, which is definitely the most comfortable and entertaining way of getting away from the airport.

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