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Prague must-see sights

Everybody who has been to Prague will recommend that you go and see its historic centre. On a small area houses, churches, bridges, palaces and statues have been erected during the previous millennium. Nowadays it is common to find houses from the 15th century right next to a modern building.

The most beautiful of all Czech architectural sights is Prague Castle, which used to be the seat of Bohemian kings, now it is the seat of the President. He no longer lives there, he “only” has his office there – you know he is present by the standard with the state emblem and a motto saying “Truth Prevails”, which is hoisted when the president is in the castle.

Other beautiful sights are located on the other bank of the Vltava river and these are linked to the castle by the oldest Prague bridge from the 14th century, Charles Bridge. Its pillars have dominated the river for six hundred years and the bridge even withstood the great Prague floods in 2002, perhaps also due to the fact that its builders added fresh eggs to mortar when building it, as legend has it. This legend was nonetheless refuted a few years ago by scientists from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, who carried out a thorough chemical analysis. Instead of eggs they found remains of milk and wine and so one cannot say that the legend was misleading so much. ☺

Nearby Charles Bridge time is measured by an astronomical called Orloj, constructed in 1410. You will find it in the Old Town Square (Staroměstském náměstí) where there is always a crowd of tourists who gather on the whole hour before the town hall to watch a great performance of the moving procession of apostles, a skeleton and many other legendary figures. A tip from us – the clock strikes also during the night so you can watch the show on your way back from a pub without the horde of tourists! ☺

There are many other Prague attractions, such as the National Theatre, opened in 1881, a replica of the famous Eiffel Tower erected on the hill called Petřín, or the post-modern “Dancing House” inspired by the famous pair Ginger and Fred.
Anyway, our TEFL team will make all efforts so that you leave Prague enriched with a lot of knowledge, maybe it will be our adventurous “City Game”, which we organize during every course, that will help us with that!

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