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Famous Czechs

If you intend to spend some time in the Czech Republic you may be asking yourself what people you may encounter there. Given the small size of our country, it has given birth to a considerable amount of skilled people who have become world famous.

You will probably know Václav Havel, a humanist, artist and the first president of the country after the revolution. During communism he was a political prisoner for some years, wrote a number of theatre plays and put his efforts into bringing democracy back to our country. When he died in 2011, Prague airport was named after him.
Many Czech sportsmen have achieved international success too. One of the best know is ice-hockey players Jaromír Jágr (#68, now New Jersey Devils, the NHL) and Dominik Hašek, tennis player Martina Navrátilová or woman gymnast Věra Čáslavská.

And you will find many artists among Czech natives too. Tourists raid Prague following in the footsteps of writer Franz Kafka (1883 – 1924), while many artists had to emigrate during the previous regime seeking freedom for their creativity (e.g. Miloš Forman, the director of films Hair and Amadeus, or Milan Kundera, the author of the iconic Unbearable lightness of being). And do you know that the word “robot” was adopted by English from Czech? It was used for the first time by another famous Czech writer and playwright Karel Čapek in 1920 in his drama R.U.R.

And there is one extra quality that the Czech Republic is famous for and that is the concentration of beautiful girls within a small territory. No wonder that Miss World in 2006 was a Czech, Taťána Kuchařová, and Czech women are also represented in the modelling business by such names as Eva Herzigová, Petra Němcová or Tereza Maxová.

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