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Czech Cuisine

Czechs like food. Within the last twenty years various culinary influences from other countries have made their way onto our menus and so it is common that you come across Chinese, Italian or Thai cuisine. And fast-food chains are also now a natural feature of the urban landscape; the most popular of them are McDonald’s, KFC, Subway or Starbucks. The main meal in most restaurants will cost you about CZK 150 (7.5 US dollars), in cheap facilities this price includes a drink.

However, many households and restaurants remain loyal to traditional Czech cuisine. Its basis consists of meat, especially pork and beef, thick sauces and abundant side dishes, especially dumplings. Typical Czech meals are “vepřo-knedlo-zelo” (cooked pork, sauerkraut and flour dumplings), “svíčková” (braised beef with cream sauce and flour dumplings) or “smažák” (battered cheese of the Edam type, with potatoes or potato chips and tartar sauce).

Beer, naturally, is a very popular. Brewing in the region has a long history and there are more than 250 breweries all over the Czech Republic (including small family firms). Each Czech drinks 163 litres of beer a year on average, which puts us at the very top of the global chart. On the other hand we are quite certain that a large portion of this consumption can be attributed to tourists and ex-patriots. ☺

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