Cost of Living

Prague is inexpensive compared to other European cities, which makes a vacation or a life in Prague really affordable. Are you wondering how much money you should take with you to Prague? The following text should give you a better idea of what the cost of living is and how much you can expect to spend (and earn) during your time here.

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Only coming to Prague for the course?

How much should you bring with you? at least 15,000 CZK = $600
Public transportation pass 670 CZK $30
Groceries 3,000 CZK $130
Eating out (3 times a week) 3,000 CZK $130
Drinks in a bar (twice a week) 2,500 CZK $100
Presents/souvenirs 2,000 CZK $80
Other expenses 2,500 CZK $100

Planning to stay long-term?

How much should you bring with you for the start? at least 60,000 CZK = $2,500
Visa costs 15,000 CZK $600
2-month rent + security deposit 30,000 CZK $1,300
Money to support yourself during the first month (before you first get paid) 15,000 CZK $600
Money to buy health insurance (not US citizens) 12,000 CZK $600
What will your monthly costs be? at least 16,000 CZK $680
Rent 8,000-12,000 CZK $350 – $500
Internet 500 CZK $20
Phone 500 CZK $20
Public transportation pass 550 CZK $22
Groceries 2,000 – 3,000 CZK $80 – $130
Eating out/drinks 2,500 CZK $100
Social insurance 2,000 CZK $100
Health insurance (US citizens only) 2,000 CZK $100

If Prague is not your one and only desired destination and you do not mind working in Brno or other towns and cities of the Czech Republic, do not hesitate and let us know! Prices there are even more affordable and native speakers are paid even more.

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