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Cost of Living

Compared to other European countries prices in Prague are really affordable. More information about prices in Prague and a comparison with a town in which you live can be found at www.numbeo.com.

To put you in the picture

What Price
A lunch menu in a restaurant about CZK 100 – 130
One beer about CZK 30 – 40
Glass of wine about CZK 50
A cup of coffee about CZK 45
A cinema costs about CZK 150
A theatre ticket about CZK 450
A monthly subscription for the Internet about CZK 450
A fitness centre pass about CZK 900
A monthly ticket for city public transport CZK 550
Renting a twoo-room flat approximately CZK 12,000 (depending on the locality)

If Prague is not your one and only desired destination and you do not mind working in Brno or other towns and cities of the Czech Republic, do not hesitate and let us know! Prices there are even more affordable and native speakers are paid even more.

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Adéla Tutoky

TEFL Programme Coordinator

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