Life in Prague

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a very popular tourist destination. Its excellent position in the heart of Europe will allow you to explore the whole continent – hop on a bus and go to Vienna, Budapest and Berlin or take a short flight to London, Dublin, Barcelona or Rome.

25 years after the velvet revolution Prague is no longer the plain, gloomy and grey city it used to be under the communist regime – now it is a city abounding in colours and a charming atmosphere.

Prague regularly ranks in top charts of global guides and travel agencies as to the amount of attractions, pleasant atmosphere and reasonable prices. 5 million tourists visit Prague a year – and they know why. They admire the old architectural monuments, make use of the hospitality of hundreds of local restaurants, bars and pubs or trace the footsteps of writers, painters, sculptors and musicians who have been part of cultural live in Prague for centuries.

What to do in Prague

The traditions of western and eastern Europe fuse here and you will find places always buzzing with live, day or night, or quiet remote nooks ideal for meditation and relaxation.

There are plenty of great things you can do here. Start with a walk through the Old Town and visit the most famous sights – the Astronomical Clock, the Prague Castle or the Charles Bridge.

Enjoy paddle boating on the Vltava river or go to Náplavka to enjoy some life music and feel the local atmosphere. You should not forget to visit some of our great pubs to taste the very famous Czech beer and delicious food (“svíčková” and “smažák” are a must). In summer we love to buy fresh food at farmers markets and spend the warm evenings in beer gardens.

There are 70 theatres, 30 cinemas and 150 museums and galleries in Prague and so there is no chance to get bored here. And do not forget the many coffee bars, night clubs, parks, sport facilities, internet cafés and libraries. If you are into art, you should definitely not miss the Mucha museum or contemporary art gallery DOX. There is also a lot of great artwork in the streets of Prague – Kafka’s revolving head designed by David Černý being one of them.

Czech people

To many the Czech people seem distant and can come off as cold, but once you get to know them they become very friendly.  You are bound to learn that Czechs have a great sense of humour, like to play games and can manage in every situation. And they also like to sit in a pub, drink beer or wine and, most of all, have a really good time.


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