Entry requirements

To be accepted onto our TEFL course, you should meet the following requirements:
Be at least 18 years old. The majority of our trainees are in their 20s and 30s, but students in their
40s, 50s and 60s join our courses on a regular basis as well.
There is no upper age limit.
Be a native speaker of English
or have a high proficiency in English (level C1 or C2).
We accept students from all over the world. 
If you are a non-native speaker, you will need to have an interview with our Head TEFL Trainer to be accepted to the course.
Be able to cope with university-level course work If you do not have a degree, no worries, you can still apply for the course.
Just note that the course is intensive and will require you to do university-level
course work (lesson planning, individual research tasks, assignments and more).
Want to teach English! No previous teaching experience is required.

Course requirements and grading

Assessment by course trainers, oral and written, is ongoing and cumulative. Course trainers may require timely resubmission of work that fails to meet course standards. To receive a passing grade trainees must:
Attend all required parts of the course, actively participate Trainees should participate in all workshops and all required
teaching practice sessions. Absence is only allowed in exceptional cases
and trainees must make up for any missed sessions.
Plan and conduct lessons  Course trainers will assess your lesson plan as well as the delivery of each lesson. There will be partial grades for each of the lesson components
as well as an overall grade and overall written comment indicating the degree
of acceptability (or not) of the lesson as a whole. Throughout the course trainees should demonstrate progress in lessons, as this is a very important factor to the final grade.
Complete 4 assignments and all homework
Observe at least 7 lessons of the TEFL Teaching practice and 2 lessons of experienced EFL teachers Apart from teaching their own lessons, trainees will also attend lessons of their fellow TEFL trainees and lessons of senior teachers working in EDUA Group.
Pass a language awareness test The test takes place in Week 3 of the course, trainees are required to score
85 % to pass the test. If a trainee’s score is lower than 85 %, he/she will have a second attempt at the test in Week 4 of the course.
Be professional Professionalism is one of the key characteristics of a good teacher. Trainees should conduct themselves in a professional way towards trainers, trainees, the school staff and Czech students throughout the entire course.
Hand in a completed course portfolio There are two assessed portfolio checks carried out by the Head TEFL Trainer during the course.

 Passing grades

  • Pass 1
  • Pass 2.1
  • Pass 2.2
  • Pass 3

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