Course Requirements

The TEFL course is a four-week, full-time, intensive course that provides highly practical teacher training in methodology, techniques and language awareness. During the course trainees gain understanding of grammar structures, learn to plan and conduct lessons and develop necessary teaching skills. At the end of the course successfull trainees receive an internationally recognized and accredited TEFL certificate. The course requires a major time commitment.

Course requirements and assessment

All below mentioned requirements are assessed and contribute to the final grade. Assessment by course tutors, both oral and written, is ongoing and cumulative. Trainees must pass all of the following required sections of the course in order to receive a passing grade:

  • workshop attendance and active participation
  • written assignments
  • language awareness test
  • lesson planning and teaching practice
  • observations
  • professional conduct
  • course portfolio

Workshop attendance and participation

Trainees are required to attend and actively and positively participate in all course workshops in their entirety, learn and understand all topics and terms covered in workshops and incorporate them in their teaching practice lessons.

Written Assignments

In addition to regular homework and class work, trainees must complete and submit 4 written assignments:

  • Pre-course Assignment
  • Learner Profile Assignment
  • Materials Assignment
  • Unknown Language Journal

For Language Awareness Assignments, a minimum of 80% of correct answers is required. Lower than this will require a full resubmission.

Language Awareness Test

In the third week of the course there is a written grammar and language awareness test. The minimum of 85% of correct answers is required.

Lesson planning

Throughout the course, trainees are required to plan and conduct six 60-minute teaching practice lessons with adult learners at different levels. By the end of the course, trainees will demonstrate a clear and consistent ability to prepare lesson plans, clearly, consistently and successfully conduct lessons and appropriately adapt, edit, expand upon and use coursebook material in the classroom.

Assessment criteria for the teaching practice are: Lesson Plan, Engagement, Materials, Classroom Management, Timing/Tempo, Student vs. Teacher Centered, Error Correction, Self-Awareness. These criteria are graded on the scale from 1 to 5 (1 being the best, 5 being the worst). In the last 2 lessons students are expected not to receive grades lower than 3. A very important factor to the final grade is the students’ overall progress and improvement in their teaching.

Observations of experienced teachers

In the second and third week of the course, trainees are required to observe lessons of experienced teachers and complete a feedback form for each of the observations.

Professional conduct

Trainees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and show willingness to grow professionally throughout the course.

Course Portfolio

At the end of the course, trainees are required to hand in a complete course portfolio including all of their lesson plans, assignments and other course materials.


Passing grades are divided into four parts:

Pass 1 Excellent Pass
Pass 2.1 Good Pass
Pass 2.2 Decent Pass
Pass 3 Basic Pass

No certificate is awarded to those trainees who clearly fail to meet some or all course requirements.

Course Materials

The training materials come from the methodology, course book and reference areas. Trainees will be introduced to a variety of TEFL materials.

The primary training materials are:

Methodology of TEFL

  • Learning Teaching (second edition) by Jim Scrivener (Heinemann, 2005)

Course books for students and their accompanying teacher’s books

  • Speakout Pre-Intermediate
  • Speakout Upper-Intermediate

Grammar reference books

  • English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy (Cambridge University Press)
  • Grammar for English Language Teachers by Martin Parrott (Cambridge University Press)

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Adéla Tutoky

TEFL Programme Coordinator

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