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  • Hello everyone!

    12. April 2017

    Hello everyone! We prepared the Easter City Game for you!! It will take place on 20.4.2017 at 5:30PM. The meeting point is at our office (U půjčovny 2, 3rd floor, room no 307). We can not wait to see you again!

  • Hello everyone!

    4. April 2017

    Hello everyone! We would like to invite you to our April Welcome Party! We can not wait to see you all!

  • TEFL in Prague, together …

    20. March 2017

    TEFL in Prague, together with its sister companies Tutor, Caledonian School and Top Vision strives to provide our clients and with the best language and professional development training possible. Take a look at EDUA Group's new presentation video (English version coming soon, translation below :-)): - EDUA Group – the largest educational company in the Czech Republic - caledonian school – 25 years of educating employees - tutor – 17 years of educating general public - top vision – 15 years of developing managers and their teams - 19 locations across the Czech Republic and more than 1200 lectors - 28 000 satisfied participants per year - The best ones count on us - And we cooperate with the best - 97% - You give us the highest marks - #1 in education on the Czech market - We’re using modern technologies - Engaging innovation into lectures - Always one step ahead - Creating a smart future

  • Spring is coming! Our …

    18. March 2017

    Spring is coming! Our first TEFL hike this year.

  • Happy St. Patrick's …

    17. March 2017

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to all our Irish as well as international friends! If you're going out tonight to celebrate, we hope you have a great time!

  • We are celebrating our …

    23. February 2017

    We are celebrating our 15th anniversary this year! Thank you to all our students, graduates and friends for supporting us. As a thank you we are now offering a lower price on our spring courses.

  • Dear friends,

    22. February 2017

    Dear friends, join us for our little gathering on Thursday, 2nd of March at the Globe bookstore and cafe at 6PM. It would be lovely to see you all!

  • On Valentine's day our …

    17. February 2017

    On Valentine's day our sister school Tutor threw a fun event called "Speed Dating" - Czech students were talking to our teachers about sports, eating, reading, travelling and much more. It was great fun and a lot of the teachers taking part in this event were our TEFL graduates! Thank you all for participating!

  • 6. February 2017

  • On Friday we went to …

    5. February 2017

    On Friday we went to Sherlock's office to solve a series of crimes and find a serial killer. We had an absolute blast and all teams did an amazing job!

  • Our Head TEFL trainer …

    3. February 2017

    Our Head TEFL trainer Jarmila's favourite part of the course - photo time! We are proud to introduce to you 6 new talented teachers - Leslie, Terry, Melissa, Kayleigh, Jitka and Taylor. Congratulations and good luck to all of them!

  • 2. February 2017

  • According to Scienceaalert …

    1. February 2017

    According to Scienceaalert.com, Czech Republic is the 7th best country in the world to live in!

  • TEFL in Prague is celebrating …

    26. January 2017

    TEFL in Prague is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year! Are you considering taking a TEFL course? Join us this spring and get our special anniversary price of EUR 999 only! more info at www.teflinprague.com/anniversary

  • Dear friends,

    19. January 2017

    Dear friends, it is our pleasure to invite you to our graduation party. The event will be divided into two parts: 1. From 4 pm there will be the "Escape room". Join us and show off your brain power! 2. After that we will move to Lavička Zahradní Restaurace for some rest and a few beers. In case, you are interested in the "Escape room" let us know in advance because a reservation is needed. Price per person is 150 Kč. Exit game Escape or similarly called exit game is free-time activity focused on your logical thinking. The main principle of the game is simple, group of people is trapped in the room and their objective is to get out within the time limit only with help of your logical thinking and imagination. During the game players have to solve variety of puzzles, ciphers and brain teasers which opens locks and reveals next exciting tasks. What you need to participate in the game? It is simple as well, it’s enthusiasm, concentration, logical thinking, problem solving with clear head. The group should also be coordinated with good communication skills. That is also the reason why exit games are used by companies as team-building exercises. Maybe you or your children have heard or seen something called “escape the room” and you were wondering what it would be like? And if you think you got what it takes don’t hesitate and come try it for yourself.

  • 11. January 2017

  • New Year, new course …

    9. January 2017

    New Year, new course. Our January trainees have just started their training by learning about lesson planning and lesson components. We are sure they are going to do great with their teaching!

  • We wish all our TEFL …

    23. December 2016

    We wish all our TEFL friends peaceful holidays, a wonderful Christmas spent with the people you love and a great start of the year 2017!

  • Our last party of 2016 …

    21. December 2016

    Our last party of 2016 was amazing! We played games, sang Christmas carols and ate some delicious cukrovi! We are really happy so many people showed up and enjoyed the party with us. Happy Christmas everyone!

  • May the warmth of hearth …

    13. December 2016

    May the warmth of hearth and home fill your hearts with joy this holiday season! Please join us for a Merry Holiday Gathering! SECRET SANTA - All of the participants’ names are placed into a hat, box, etc. and mixed up. Each person then chooses one name from the box, but doesn't tell anyone which name was picked. He/she is now responsible for buying a gift for the person selected. Please, bring with you something small what you can give to somebody. ( It can be anything!) CHRISTMAS TREATS- bring some food or drink which ispopular in your country.

  • November 2016 Welcome …

    5. December 2016

    November 2016 Welcome Party!

  • Today's lesson learned …

    24. November 2016

    Today's lesson learned. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

  • Come for our last Welcome …

    22. November 2016

    Come for our last Welcome party this year! :)

  • We love this fun photo …

    21. November 2016

    We love this fun photo of our October/November group! A big thank you to all our October students for taking our course, we had amazing 4 weeks with you and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

  • Come and join us for …

    14. November 2016

    Come and join us for October´s graduation party!!!!

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