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  • High quality course

    Internationally accredited, trainers with 15+ years of experience.

  • Visa Assistance and Job Guarantee

    We employ 95% of our graduates.Our in-house visa team will take care of your long-term visa.

  • Real-life teaching practice

    Teach a group of Czech students every day and observe experienced EFL teachers.

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TEFL Internationally Accredited Course

July 03 / 2017
July 28 / 2017
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TEFL Internationally Accredited Course

August 07 / 2017
September 01 / 2017
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TEFL Internationally Accredited Course

September 11 / 2017
October 06 / 2017
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TEFL Internationally Accredited Course

October 16 / 2017
November 10 / 2017
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The TEFL in Prague course has a fantastic method of teaching the fundamentals of education in an environment that promotes creativity and free expression.

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22 June

Those of you who haven …

Those of you who haven't been to our new school in Karlín are probably wondering what it looks like. So we though you might enjoy a couple of photos. How do you like it?

21 June

Most of you have probably …

Most of you have probably heard of svickova or goulash, but have you tried any other Czech foods? Řízek, smažák, párky, rakvička se šlehačkou or nudle s mákem? Find out where to try the most typical Czech meals: https://www.tasteofprague.com/pragueblog/local-czech-cuisine-in-prague

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